Individualist for elfin appeal

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Hot from our Irresistible You collection comes Individualist… the one with a strong sense of style.

Effortlessly sophisticated and unique, channelling the elfin appeal of Audrey Tattou.

Our Hair Expert Luke Pluckrose says: “Our Individualist hair style is all about playing with angles and cutting techniques to create a feminine, grown-up pixie.”

Craving a chic crop? Saks people are experts every time. Oh-so in the know and offering THE BEST service. If you’ll wear it well, your Saks stylist will tell you so.


  1. Apply a small amount of L’Oréal ART Fix Move Gel to wet hair.
  2. Rough dry with hairdryer and fingers.
  3. Using irons bend ends of hair in different directions – this creates maximum texture.
  4. Apply L’Oréal Tecni.ART Density Material to hands (again, only a small amount is needed) and separate the pieces of hair that you worked on with the iron, evenly distributing product through the hair.
  5. Play about with this look… make it your own!

The lowdown on the super-styling hair products we used…

L’Oréal Tecni.ART Fix Move Gel
Sculp and texturise till your heart’s content with this light hair gel. Hold without stickiness gives lightweight movement

L’Oréal Tecni.ART Density Material
Texturising wax paste to create your style with volumised, dramatic definition and a powerful hold.

NEW… Smartbond at Saks!
Colour chameleons listen up. Our hair experts are now adding the magical strength boosting system from L’Oréal to your colour service to protect and strengthen your hair. Ask for details.

Pop to Saks and ask one of our expert stylists to create your own take on Individualist. Check out the other IRRESISTIBLE YOU hair looks here. Products at Saks salons nationwide.

Audrey Tattou image:
Alliance Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

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