ICONIC by Saks Art Team

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We’ve been transforming women for over 40 years and ICONIC – our brand-new hair collection – is our homage to special hair heroines who have captivated us through the decades to today with their elegance and everyday glamour.

Our Hair Expert, Alison Dace, says: “We all know that having great hair gives you a great mojo! Fusing the essence of ICONIC women into your own look makes you feel on top of the world and empowers you to make amazing things happen.

Blonde getting hair done at photoshoot

ICONIC magic being created by Luke from Saks Art Team!

Alison continues: “At Saks it’s all about you. Transforming – and making our customers feel special – is at the heart of everything we do. The Saks Art Team loved creating these gorgeous looks and our stylists can bring out your own brand of ICONIC so you can be the best that you can be!”


croppedICONIC looks


Oh my! Brigitte at Saks is the trail-blazer who stands out in the crowd. Every. Time. Nonchalant and bohemian, she doesn’t follow fashion and she loves a Barbarella-style blow-dry.

Woman with long chestnut hair in waves

Brigitte at Saks… the trailblazer!

Colour? Brigitte at Saks rocks rusty brunette waves, artfully highlighted in lustrous copper-tones to frame her face and add character and depth to her cascading wavy tresses.

Icons: La Bardot and Angelina Jolie


Androgynous and elfin, that’s Twiggy at Saks. She’s playful and loves translating the ICONIC look of the 60s into her sleek crop.

Blonde with short cropped hair style

Our playful take on the 60s crop

Colour? Twiggy at Saks works this beautiful complexion-enhancing apricot and cream blonde combo to a tee. This flattering look gives fabulous French appeal for brunettes too. How’d you channel your inner Twiggy? One thing’s for sure… Bambi eyes are a given… the bigger the better!

Icons: Twiggy and Michelle Williams


Ahh, Jackie at Saks is the cool girl-about-town who fuses a nod to the great British mod-look with her thoroughly modern Milly style of today.

Here Saks takes the classic bob to dizzy heights. This easy-to-style look works perfectly with cappuccino tones and multi-tonal shades. It’s a sure-fire winner for shiny, healthy hair! Choose Jackie at Saks and your stylist will create cute flicks and a bang-bang fringe just for you.

Icons: Jackie Kennedy and Keira Knightley


The ICONIC collection poster girl… that’s Marilyn at Saks. With ravishing sex-bomb appeal she’s ‘the goddess’ alright.

Female with blonde curled shoulder length hair

Ravishing appeal. That’s it.

This oh-so-versatile mid-length cut works equally well with peroxide blonde Marilyn curls and honeyed boho waves, ala Kate Moss. Eye-catching every time… Marilyn at Saks ain’t for the wallflower.

Icons: Marilyn and Kate Moss


We created Summer of Love. Our versatile knotted plait is perfect for festival goers and bohemian babes alike!

ICONIC festival hair

Our Summer of Love look for Festival babes


Blonde with hair tied back

Elegant Bride. Get swept away for your special day.

And if you’re wanting that laid-back and effortlessly beautiful for your super-special day, Elegant Bride is just for you.

From Twiggy’s waiflike crop and Marilyn’s tousled allure to Angelina’s tumbling waves, ICONIC women are loved for their joie de vivre and character. Vibrant women who continue to inspire, and we covet a tiny piece of what they’ve got.

Our Saks stylists can translate these timeless hair looks and make them your own as we’re creativing these beautiful ICONIC looks in our Saks salons nationwide.

Hair – Saks Art Team
Make up – Lan Nguyen
Styling – Candice Bailey
Photography – Zac Frackelton

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