How Saks Art Team created ICONIC

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We love that you’re all loving our ICONIC hair collection… our homage to hair heroines we admire from the 60s to today for their timeless style, inner elegance and lust for life.

We got to thinking about ‘That Day’ back in August 2014 when members of our Saks Art Team converged to weave hair-magic creating this super-special hair collection…

After months in the making with mood boards, research and brainstorming Creative Director Alison Dace and Saks Art Teamers Luke Pluckrose and Tom Berry created cutting techniques, styling concepts and colour hues for these gorgeous new Saks looks.

Saks Art Team moodboard

Inspirational ICONIC looks spring to life on our moodboards

Assisted by Dean Jackson, salon owner of Saks Durham, the Art Team converged at Curtain Road Studios on err, Curtain Road Shoreditch, London.

We’d booked our fave photographer and long-time friend of Saks Zac Frackleton (he captured our Desire and Woman collections too) and hot makeup artist Lan Nguyen along with super-stylist Candice Bailey.

With racks of chiffon maxi dresses, vintage mod tunics, silky sleeves, suede mini dresses, embellished collars and hair adornments on hand, the outfits to complement each look were carefully chosen…

And ta-da… our ICONIC vision made real with these gorgeous looks:


Our ultra-modern take on the 60s mod-girl is a super-versatile bob with flicks and bangs.. a big hit already in Saks salons.
Insipration: Jackie O and Keira Knightley.
Colour: rich mocha and cappucino tones.

ICONIC bob hair look from Saks

Jackie at Saks… already a Saks Classic


MARILYN AT SAKSThe poster girl of the collection. Choose Marilyn at Saks to add sparkle to your red carpet occasions. Mid-length wow-factor guaranteed.
Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss.
Color: Think Ice blonde Hitchcock heroine.

Saks Art Team ICONIC hair shoot

Luke styles our Marilyn at Saks look

ELEGANT BRIDEFor a nonchalant, glossy bridal look.


Not only does the Saks Art Team create our amazing hair collections… they train all our Saks stylists around the UK in how to create these gorgeous looks. When you book in with your Saks stylist you’re getting a touch of that old Art Team magic.

If you fancy channeling your own brand of ICONIC we are so ready to transform you with consultation and a style that’ll be perfect just for you. Find your salon here.

Backstage ICONIC images: Paul Scott Photography

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