Half Price IPL Hair Removal during October

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  • Fed up of shaving your underarms?
  • Suffering with ingrowing hairs on your bikini line?
  • Do you want to achieve long lasting hair removal results?
  • Want to save 50% on IPL Hair Removal? Then book a FREE consultation and patch test at Saks Guisborough during October

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To see how IPL could make a difference to your life give us a call and book a FREE consultation and patch test with one of our brilliantly trained experienced therapists who are experts in treating unwanted hair.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser hair removal could change your life, as it works its magic on practically all body hair. So razor cuts and embarrassing neglected armpit moments become a thing of the past, with up to 90% permanent hair reduction in only 6-9 sessions.

We see lots of clients who are fed up with constantly having a shadow of hair growth showing on their underarms even after been freshly shaved. The solution to their problem is IPL we achieve amazing long lasting results for our clients using our clinically proven state of the art IPL system.

Prices for Underarm IPL treatments start from £25 during the promotion (normally £50). A course of treatments can be purchased (payment plans can be arranged)

Half Price IPL in October


To find out more call us on 01287 630055.

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