Hair extensions now at Guisborough

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We’ve got it all going on with hair extensions now at Guisborough Saks salon.


Human hair weaves are a fabulous way for women to add length, colour and volume to existing hair. The weaves are applied in discrete rows that lie flat against the scalp ensuring the extension hair blends beautifully with your own natural hair. YES.., you can wash and style your hair as normal. Our stylists will also advise you on the best brushes & products to keep your fresh new hair looking its best long term.


FINE LIMP HAIR…?? Tape extensions work amazingly with fine hair. The bonds lie flat to the scalp and they really do look and feel like your own hair. Tapes are a great way to add thickness and volume . Easy to maintain? YES…wash , blow-dry and style your hair as normal, simple as that! Our stylists will also advise you on best brushes and hair care to make sure your extensions look as great as they did the first day they were applied.

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