Good for you. Here for that.

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For lots of us a salon visit can be good for the soul. Even more so now. We’ve been around since 1974 and in 2022 it’s in our stylists’ and therapists’ nature to connect, create and rejuvenate. Always curious, learning and striving for the best so we serve up hair and beauty that’s 100% good for you.


Wanting to change things up? We’re talking from tiny tweaks to the joy of a deep dive into hair colour or coming in stronger with your brow game here. Is your massage now a monthly must-have? If it sorts your spirit, that’s a wise move. If you’re happy with more of what you love already… right on. Or maybe you fancy exploring hair, face, body, and glam choices you haven’t before because you can.

Whatever brings you to Saks, we’ll welcome you in, get to know where you’re at and provide brilliant hair and beauty every time.


We’re here to rock a style that’ll suit you A Lot and create incredible colour to flatter your skin and bring out your eyes. Is a spot of spontaneous on your radar? Self-expression is a sign of our times and *yes* experimenting with colour ticks all that and more. We adore providing your out-out styling and sharing our tricks of the trade. Hair health’s high on the agenda – nurturing texture, coils and curls. And *of course* we have loads of techniques if you’re seeking super-shiny-smoothness.


Think all the beauty hits, balance, visible results and glam. We personalise facials and peels – kick-start with a free skin check-in to see how your face’s faring. If a condition’s making you unhappy or you’re navigating tricky life changes like the menopause, we’ll listen, appreciate, advise and help. And a massage can work wonders to pep your step. Live for the pleasure of glam? Your exception essentials are nails, brows, lashes, makeup and a spritzy glow. We also have a clinical menu if you want to zap, lift, tighten or smooth – whatever’s important to you.


We celebrate who you are and how you take time out at ours to do what works for you. Check the Saks feeds to see what we mean. And HUGE THANKS to our customers who keep coming in and to those checking in for the first time – means the world.

Hair and beauty that’s good for you. Here for that. Love Saks xx

PS… we’ve made it easy to get booked in, any way you want. Visit, download the Love Saks app, pop in or dial Saks – it’s always good to chat.

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