Tips for ageing gracefully

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Heard the one about the broad-spectrum moisturiser, the Goji berry and the mineral primer? If not… listen and learn, ladies! We’re ageing from the day we’re born and there’s nothing we can do about it… apart from age gracefully of course.

For a gorgeous, dewy look that screams super-special woman, think like Cate Blanchett and make looking after your number one asset top of your list.


Our resident Beauty Expert, Kirsty Jewson, says: “Only 36% of ageing is due to good genes… the rest is up to you.

We all know that everyday treats like reaching for the coffee or a cheeky vino after a stressful day and BIG no-nos like smoking and sunbathing all lead to premature ageing.

“Naughty treats are fine as long as there’s a healthy balance and that’s why we’re on a mission to share our hot health tips to give your skin a boost at home. It’s not rocket science, just simple lifestyle adjustments that can make a HUGE difference, and everything we’re sharing is so easy to do!”


Our expert therapists love getting their hands on your skin


ALWAYS protect your skin from the sun!
The sun is a detrimental factor in the ageing process. The good news is that if you switch to a broad spectrum cream such as Elemis Liquid Layer, you’ll block out these harmful UV rays every day, whatever the season.

Say hello to Acai and Goji berries
You are what you eat and berries are renowned for being great anti-ageing foods with the most potent being Acai and Goji. Taken daily these super-foods give your skin a great helping hand, and as they’re rich in Vitamin C they boost collagen production too.

Introduce a good primer to your makeup routine
A hot makeup hint. Introduce a quality primer to your daily makeup routine to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Once you’ve introduced a primer, you won’t go back!


Watch Kirsty’s latest video… we’re sharing lots of hints and tips for ageing gracefully at home.


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