Fully Fit… sleek n healthy

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Our superstar Art Team recently undertook lots of research with Saks women about what’s wanted for hair. The result? Our beautiful collection, Desire, six sought-after styles including Fully Fit hair; all about achieving shine, vitality and super-swishy healthy hair.

Alison Dace, Saks Hair Expert, says: “Many of the women we spoke to said they hate it when their hair doesn’t feel at its best. Split ends, weak hair and lacklustre condition are problems we face, thanks to daily styling and harsh elements. And Fully Fit’s our response to this.”

Watch Alison talk about how to get your hair Fully Fit and the concept behind our Desire collection. And contact your nearest Saks salon for expert advice including in-depth consultation, the latest cutting techniques, colouring excellence and the lowdown on all the best products. Everything for bespoke hair-care… you’ll be Fully Fit and fabulous in no time!

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