Date Night with Saks

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We LOVE getting you set for your Best of Times and Date Night is the queen of ’em all. The ritual of getting ready adds to our memories of all our very special occasions. Think curls, bounce and va-va-voom.

Our creative director Luke Pluckrose says: “Date Night hair is our modern take on a classic set taking inspo from Marilyn Monroe – creating waves, texture and soft curls. We dried L’Oréal Pli into the hair to keep the curls in for longer and a medium tong to create the set. Then we brushed out and spritzed in L’Oréal Fix Design to hold the style all night long.”

Sarah Clarke-Lees of Saks Art Team says: “Our blonde is a super-soft platinum blonde . L’Oreal Smartbond was added during the colour process to strengthen and protect.”

On beauty, Hollie Simpson of Saks Beauty Squad says: “So, creating a perfect winged eye can be tricky. Always create with your eyes open, tracing up from your lower eyelashes and never alter the shape of the eye by stretching your skin.

Date Night essentials. Pic: Lan Grealis

“My two secret weapons are disposal lip wands to sharpen your angle if needed. I also choose Skeyndor’s Aquatherm Cleansing Miceller water to correct as it leaves no oil or residue. Team it with your fullest strip lashes for a sultry feline eye… and a date night to remember!”

Hollie BTS

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