Meet Saks A-Team 2014

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Every year the Saks Art Team offers our stylists an amazing opportunity to join the Saks A Team which exists to nurture the talent and creativity of the stylists within our fabulous network of hair salons.

Throughout the year the A Team gets to meet regularly with the Art Team to learn new skills such as mood-boarding, research and development and building collections.  The 2014 A Team will also immerse themselves in photographic work, hairdressing seminars and events, shows and session hairdressing to heighten creativity.

Huge congrats to our 2014 A Team:

Chelsie Butterworth – Saks Chester
Lynnette Breytenbach –  Saks Doncaster
Daryl Mallett – Saks Exeter
Hannah McNelly – Saks Hexham
Zoe Chamberlain – Saks Lincoln
Robin Finc – Saks Oldham
Charlotte Wood – Saks Royston
Shaun Stringfellow – Saks Tees Barrage

As well as being mentored by the best in the business; 2013’s team also got to experience styling backstage at out-of-this-world events such as the Brits, MOBOs, Clothes Show Live and London Fashion Week and and Paris Fashion Week.

This year’s member, Robyn Finc, is raising the bar early within the team as she was called on to get creative at the crazy world of Graduate Fashion Week!

“The Saks A Team project is all about creativity, cultivating skills… and lots of hard work!” says Alison. “We give every stylists in the Saks salon network the opportunity to join the A Team, but rigorous auditioning means only a few are granted a place in the exclusive team every year. The A Team provides valuable training to those wanting to explore creativity; progressing stylists from following hair trends… to creating them.”


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