Love and War from Saks A-Team 2014

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After a year being nurtured by the Saks Art Team, stylists chosen to take part in the year-long initiative that is the Saks A Team spent valuable time with the brand’s Art Team exploring the avant-garde. For the 2014 finale the team got free-reign to create its own hair collection rather than the usual end of year show.

The brief for Saks A-Team 2014 was to interpret ‘Love and War’: a hair collection exploring the emotions that war brings ranging from anxiety to fear, pain and loss to relief, peace and happiness.

Woman with braided hair

Shaun Stringfellow’s inspiration: Helen of Troy

Shaun Stringfellow, Saks Tees Barrage, says: ‘I researched strong women associated with war throughout the ages I wanted to create an on-trend look in homage to a famous, strong woman from the past. I chose Helen of Troy as her hair was usually depicted with plaits and waves which I fused into my final look.”

A team final

Robyn Finc, Saks Oldham, says: “I really wanted to relay the emotion of losing a loved one through the futility of war. My hair look incorporated an edge on pin curls around the front with texture through the top for a windswept and feminine look to compliment the pain on my woman’s face.”

Luke Pluckrose of Saks Art Team: “We had to wait a little longer for this year’s finale as we fielded a 50-strong hair team at Clothes Show Live in December, including A Team members of course, but this collection’s been worth the wait – we’re thrilled with the looks created.”

Shaun Stringfellow continues: “Being part of the A team 2014 has been a brilliant and refreshing experience. I LOVE my job but taking part in the A Team gave me the chance to be part of many fantastic events one being 2014 Clothes Show Live. I assisted the Art Team backstage at Fashion Theatre styling models, dancers and celebs. I had an amazing three days it was fast-paced and extremely hard work but it was also glamorous, fun and full of celebs… something every hairdresser dreams of doing! It’s also a great opportunity to mix with people from other Saks salons which I really enjoyed. We had a brilliant team this year and I made real friendships! I highly recommend other Saks stylists to get involved.

Alison Dace, Creative Director at Saks concludes: “This year’s A Team really immersed themselves in researching themes and were totally inspired by strong women throughout the ages. Our latest consumer hair collection ICONIC celebrates stylish women we love, and this theme comes across in this collection too. Looks range from a modern-day twist to the classic Victory V style. The images capture the elegance and vulnerability of women whatever situation they face. Amazing. Well done 2014 A Team!”


Chelsea Butterworth – Saks Chester
Lynnette Breytenbach – Saks Doncaster
Zoe Chamberlain – Saks Lincoln
Robin Finc – Saks Oldham
Charlotte Wood – Saks Royston
Shaun Stringfellow – Saks Tees Barrage
Margaret Watson – Saks Whitley Bay

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