A Spring Check-In for Hair

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Pro tips for smooth styling, how to liven up limp hair and why the brunette balayage is all. A three minute read and a 90 second watch from Saks Artists Sarah, Emily and Izzy and our creative director Luke.


We started a conversation on the Saks feeds, asking you what you wanted help with for styling at home and the first in a season of Saks Hacks is a quick masterclass on smoothing from our creative director – and stylist to the stars – Luke Pluckrose with L’Oréal Professionnel.

Key takeaways being how to dry baby hair away from the face, going under at the ends and getting hands-on with flyaways. Watch as Luke shares tricks of the trade to elevate your styling at home. Poker straight’s making a comeback in 2022. Start your 90s renaissance today.


Our head colourist Sarah Clarke-Lees says: “We’ve lots of nourishing techniques, depending on the level of smoothness you want.

For the longer game we choose 72 Hair Keratin smoothing system which can last around 12 weeks. Depending on hair length it takes between 90-180 minutes in salon and then you don’t wash your hair, get it wet or tie it up for 72 hours afterwards or even use any hair care products. So make sure you book in and allow four days to do its stuff. The results are amazing – locks in colour and hair is lightweight and frizz-free.”


Sarah says; “Limp hair can be caused by lots of different things eg hair that’s too long or the wrong shape or heavy conditioning and the wrong stylings products and techniques. We love to give lots of tips on home care when you’re in. And you can always check out social feeds for hints and tips – we’re super-proud of all the how-to content that our salons are serving up!”

Izzy Brittain of Saks Doncaster continues: “Introduce a pre cleanse shampoo to remove excess build-up. My big recommend is Kerastase Chronologiste Regenerant, this gives the hair and scalp a deep clean without removing essential goodness and moisture.”

Emily Tighe of Saks Kenilworth says: “And if you find your hair loses its body soon after styling, you need to check on the products that you’re using. Layer styling products up and avoid using anything too heavy or which will soften the hair as it will just fall flat. I personally love working with Redken Guts Root Lifting Mousse and L’Oréal Infinium Plus Hairspray.


Zoe at Saks Newark says: “Brunette balayage is a classy and versatile colour technique. We can add lightness and texture to brunette tones. And it’s great for toning down blonde balayages too. Fantastic for when you’re going in the sun to prevent it from getting too light. Lasts longer than your normal colour techniques too as there’s no ‘landing strip’ root coming through.”

Izzy: “Totally agree Zoe, I love the less is more finish. And it’s easily personalised to suit all hair types – long to short – whilst creating a sunkissed colour – perfect if you’re being introduced to colour for the first time and want a low maintainence regrowth.”

On celebs rocking the look, Emily says: “Watching Emily in Paris. Lily’s a great advocate for rocking the glossy, versatile multi-tonal brunette.”

Sharing hair tricks of the trade. We’re here for that. Love Saks xx


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