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How-to Videos

  • Beauty how-to

    Sunless Tanning

    All our secrets shared... for a perfect, natural glow
  • hair how to


    For fans of the big blowdry... Full Fat's just for you!
  • Beauty how-to

    protect your skin

    Intriguing facts about how to protect your number one asset
  • Beauty how-to

    Perfect nails

    Get the lowdown on how to nail it every time
  • hair how-to

    Fully fit

    Our Hair Expert talks about the concept for our Desire hair collection
  • Beauty how-to

    Age Gracefully

    We've got our eyes on nurturing your skin
  • hair how-to

    Sculpted Waves

    Wow! Jessica Rabbit waves... from our Hair Expert
  • Beauty how-to

    Sensitive skin

    How to calm sensitive skin... with the Beauty Expert at Saks
  • hair how-to

    Tousled tresses

    The ultimate beach-babe look... tousled tips from Alison Dace
  • hair how-to


    Get set to be swept away with Powerhouse from the Woman collection
  • Beauty how-to

    beat those breakouts

    Kirsty's sharing insider knowledge for clearing pesky breakouts
  • Beauty how-to

    Body Beautiful

    Tips galore for getting ready for summer months
  • Hair how-to

    Halo Plait

    Watch our Hair Expert show you how to achieve perfect festival hair right here.
  • Beauty how-to

    Oh-so delicate Eye care

    We're sharing how to cleanse, moisturise and care for delicate eyes
  • Hair how-to

    Top Knot

    A hot hot fave... Top Knot from the Hair Expert at Saks
  • Beauty how-to

    Tips for perfect brows

    Kirsty's sharing our insider secrets for brows that wow!
  • hair how-to


    Our modern take on the classic 60s beehive
  • hair how-to

    Glamour Puss waves

    Watch Alison show you how to create Glamour Puss waves right here
  • beauty how-to

    Even skin tone

    How to achieve an even skin tone with the Beauty Expert at Saks
  • beauty how-to

    3D-lipo body contouring

    Find out about celeb-fave 3D-lipo body contouring... now available at Saks
  • hair how-to

    Girl Next Door

    WOW! Watch out for Girl Next Door... in homage to our fave royal princess

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