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Read what our franchisees have to say...


Saks franchisees Paul Calladine and Rebecca Green both started hairdressing at the tender age of 17. When they decided to open their own salon they felt it was important to get backing from a well-established national brand rather than chance going it alone in such tough trading times. After checking out different options, they decided that the Saks franchise model was perfect for them and opened their own Saks salon in their hometown of Doncaster.

Paul says: "One of the main reasons we chose to be Saks franchisees was the company's award-winning education, which we experienced first-hand whilst training to be hairdressers with the Saks Academies. Training is everything and we love that we can send our team to learn the Saks techniques and latest trends from the renowned Saks Art Team. We also get the opportunity to send our team to assist the Art Team backstage at amazing events such as London Fashion Week. Our team loves getting involved and it's great for inspiration, motivation and personal development. We also receive great management training. We totally recommend the Saks franchise model to those looking to set up their own hair salon business."



Saks Exeter franchisee Ellie Wilson worked with a major national hair chain for several years but, fully aware of Saks' superb reputation, always had her eye on opening her own Saks salon. As such she jumped at the chance to bring the brand to Exeter. Having completed extensive management training with L'Oréal and also spent time on cruise ships and working in Europe, Ellie now utilises her extensive skills and international experience as salon owner at Saks Exeter.

Ellie says: "Reputation is everything. And Saks has it in abundance! The brand has stood the test of time and as a franchisee, I'm in the very best of hands. The business support is exemplary and my turnover, since opening, has completely surpassed my expectations. I adore the Saks brand; the ethos, that every client should be made to feel special, is something I really believe in and I've been over the moon with everything about my Saks journey."



Twin sisters Natalie Baker and Natasha Langthorne dreamt of having their own hairdressing salon from a very young age. Natalie joined the Saks network at the tender age of 15 and completed her hairdressing qualifications through Saks Education. When the time came for the two of them to start their own business it was obvious that they would start a partnership together, and with Saks! Now the duo owns the award winning Saks franchise in Lytham.

Natalie focuses her energy on the creative side of the business whilst sister Natasha looks after the running of the salon and team and together they have already gained various accolades in the hairdressing industry. Natalie is working towards becoming a member of the Saks Art Team and is a L'Oréal Colour Degree Specialist - she is truly inspirational. "Opening a salon was a lifelong dream for us and the decision to open a Saks salon proves to be the best decision again and again! Having "Saks" above our salon door attracts a high calibre of clients and staff. The training we receive is second to none and the industry opportunities with the Saks Art Team are amazing. We love being part of such a fantastic franchise and wouldn't dream of doing anything else. Here's to the next 10 years of sisters, business and success with Saks!"

Claire Denyer, Kings Hill

Claire Denyer is a true Saks woman having joined as a stylist in 2002 and spent the next few years working hard at advancing her career through various Saks training opportunities, including training as a L'Oreal Colour Degree Specialist. Claire now owns the award-winning Saks franchise in Kings Hill and says "Loving the Saks way of life as much as I did, it was the obvious choice to become a Saks franchisee and I was thrilled when I opened Saks Kings Hill. I felt excited and honoured to provide the Saks service to David Lloyd members and also a wider clientele. If any challenges come my way, I'm always fully supported by Saks HQ and I wouldn't change it for the world. I absolutely love being part of such a great franchise network and I can't imagine ever doing anything else!"

Becky Barraclough, Halifax Beauty

Becky Barraclough originally trained with Saks as a hairdresser aged 16. She then decided to expand her skills by training and working as a beauty therapist for 8 years before taking the leap and opening our first stand-alone beauty salon. Dedicated solely to the world of beauty, Saks' stand-alone beauty salons offer all the beauty treatments anyone could possibly need, carried out by highly trained therapists in beautifully designed salons.

"I totally believe in the Saks ethic, my familiarity with the company meant I knew they'd help me make this a success. I receive continuous dedicated support from Saks HQ. It's so supportive being part of this prestigious group, help is always at the end of the phone and the other franchisees help create a great community!"

Mannie DiGesaro, Hertford

Mannie's been with Saks for 19 years and already runs a very successful franchise in Hertford which has previously been awarded Saks Salon of the Year. 

For Mannie, the support that the franchising model gives him, in terms of marketing, training and access to business advice allows him to focus on what he does best - which is run his business and deliver a front-of-house experience that knocks customers' socks off, leaving them feeling totally special and totally gorgeous.

Nicola Mark, Gosforth

Nicola started working at a Saks salon aged 19 and is now beauty franchisee. She also works on the Saks beauty think tank committee, looking into the next innovations to bring to Saks Beauty.

Nicola says: I always wanted to work for a company who think outside the box and that's what I love about Saks. You get a great level of support from everyone in the network. All angles are covered, finance, marketing, you name it, Saks' help is always at your fingertips."

John Goddard, Skipton

John had been working with Saks for 10 years before going into partnership and opening his salon. John is now also a member of the Saks Art Team and loves the fact that he can combine his creative flair with some business savvy.

"Saks is a great business. The fact that it's the leading hair and beauty company in the UK was a big reason for me choosing to open a Saks franchise. From working at Saks Ripon I knew how slickly-run the network is, and was aware of the excellent support the group offers with its now 35 years plus experience. Being a Saks franchisee allows me to exploit Saks as a business opportunity, whilst giving me the hairdressing inspiration I crave for."

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franchise brochure

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