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Saks Mumbai beauty room Saks Mumbai beauty room

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The world's your oyster with Saks overseas

Saks is an established UK brand, with the world in its sights! We’ve already got established salons in Mumbai, India and recently opened in Mahboula, Kuwait. With the right combination of determination and vision from potential franchisees like yourself, we know there will be many more to come.

We've already built an international reputation through the activities of our Art Team, Hair Collections and Academies. Now, with a proven business model, adapted to fit international markets, we can support your ambition to grow a business abroad.  We'll supply the support, advice, operational infrastructure and training.  You bring along the business mind and experience and together we've got a winning formula for global success.

Interested? Why not call 0845 678 0290 or contact us for a chat.


franchise brochure

franchise brochure

All the information you need to get the ball rolling for a franchising career with Saks. (download)


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