Darlington’s client of 40 years!

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Karen Young has been a Saks client since we opened our very first salon in Darlington way back in 1974.

And even better, Karen’s stayed loyal to Saks ever since, and now makes a 500 mile round trip from Wiltshire regularly for Chloe Roddam, Senior Stylist at Saks Darlington, as she simply won’t let anyone else touch her locks!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Karen at her appointment at Saks Darlington…

What do you remember about your first appointment?
It was in the salon at Priestgate, there were trendy dark leather sofas and all the stylists were men! It was way different to anything we’d seen before in Darlington.

Do you remember your first Saks hairdresser?
Franko – he was a great hairdresser. I remember the Saks bosses Dennis and Malcolm and also your MD Skee and Martin Millward who now owns Saks Hartlepool.

Can you remember why you first chose Saks?
When Saks first opened, everyone was talking about it. It was the place to be, trendy and smack-bang in the town centre. Everywhere else was old-fashioned and way behind the times. There was a great buzz about new Saks cuts.

I was thrilled when Franko chose me as a Saks model for a show at the Incongnito Club on Gladstone Street! We were modelling clothes from a local boutique and my hair was dyed bright red and blow-dried straight. It was so shiny, like a mirror. We were so young and we were being asked to model for Saks – we LOVED it!

What’s your fave decade for hair?
I loved the 80s. Big hair all the way! I used to wear dungarees and baseball boots. It was after the punk era, around the time of Bananarama I think. I would backcomb my hair until it stood on end and go through cans of hairspray.

Have your hair looks changed much over the years?
Hell yes! You name it, I’ve done it. Purdie cut in the 70s, big curly perms, the lot.

Montage of Saks 80s images

Inspiration Saks ’80s-style

Have you experimented with colour?
Again, yes. Over the years I’ve been a real colour chameleon. Shiny red head, brunette, lots of streaks and gone blonde. All at Saks. It was great to experiment over the years. And I know what suits me best now.

Any disasters?
When I was younger – and before Saks – my friends were experimenting with hair colour with a craze for dying their fringes and I wasn’t allowed to. So I experimented with red cochineal food colouring then went out in the rain and it ran down my face. Not a good look!

What makes Saks special for you?
They say they aim to make you feel special and that’s exactly it. Saks Darlington owner Ruth and my stylist Chloe are always pleased to see me and I know that they appreciate my custom.


Chloe’s been styling Karen’s hair for around 15 years now. Karen says it’s a family affair as her two boys have been coming to the salon since they were nippers too.

Karen concludes: “I love that I have such a great relationship with Chloe. When I ask for something specific, she’s not afraid to tell me that it won’t suit, and why. I trust her completely. I also love the friendly salon atmosphere. You’re in the best hands with Saks!”

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