Saks A Team stylists put on a show after a year being mentored by Art Team

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Joining the A Team at Saks is all about exploring creativity. It’s the opportunity for Saks stylists to bag a coveted place on the year-long programme where they get to spend lots of time with the superstar Saks Art Team, being mentored in all things avant garde.

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They get to leave their salons behind to explore the wonderful world of hair and push their creativity to the max. And after a year-of-dreams with the Art Team, this year’s A Team finale show blew everyone away.

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Held in Darlington, and after crazy weeks of preparation, the team presented its show to a packed audience of Saks people from all around the UK.

The concept was Being Bold and each A Team member took to the stage to talk about their model’s look and also share their experiences and what they’d gained by working with the Art Team along the way.

The hair looks that emerged were an array of bold, clean lines and gradient cuts with colour, colour, colour!

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Massive congratulations to this year’s A Team:

Zoë Zeus Taylor – Saks Bishop Auckland

Nick Roddam – Saks Darlington

Kiran Bagha – Saks Heston

Grace Dalgleish – Saks Lytham

Rachael Hall – Saks Lytham

Natasha Rodrigues – Saks Yarm