Northallerton oncology massage

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In January 2020, our salon owner Kirsty suffered a stroke totally out of the blue. In the early days of her recovery she made a firm decision to expand her amazing beauty knowledge to deliver touch therapy treatments to those living with or beyond cancer, and to others in similar recoveries as her own.


Kirsty’s journey brought her to award-winning therapist trainer, Jennifer Young who offers practical oncology massage training. This enables therapists to welcome cancer patients into their treatment rooms safely rather than having to turn them away on diagnosis. And from June 2021 Kirsty will be back where she belongs on Tuesdays, offering oncology facial and massage treatments. Customers will only be asked for discretionary donations to cover treatment costs.


For 14 years, before opening our salon in 2014, Kirsty was Head of Beauty for Saks. She set the brilliant standards for all Saks therapists, researched new treatments and products for our face, body and glam menus, and represented at big UK beauty industry events.


Kirsty says: “Saks has a national charity partnership with The Eve Appeal – we’ve raised over £184k for gynaecological cancers research. So making my salon more inclusive has been on my radar for some time. Touch therapies have been proven to provide physical, mental and emotional relief for anyone who has experienced a cancer diagnosis. This includes  before, during and after treatment. We already offer advanced treatments and I am so, so lucky to be able to return to the career I love and this is the next natural step for me.”


Jennifer Young says: “The beauty salon experience has changed exponentially for cancer patients over the last 10 years. As more of us are affected by cancer, the need to provide holistic support becomes ever more important. It’s thanks to incredible therapists, like Kirsty, that individuals can now get the caring and nurturing support they need when they need it most.”


Kirsty’s customer Mandi says: “I’m very thankful to Kirsty for the treatments that she is now able to provide. It’s difficult to find someone who is so understanding of our challenges and is qualified to meet our needs. Kirsty is a kind and empathetic therapist who, I’m sure, will do exceptionally well in  offering this service.”

For more info or to book an oncology massage appointment with Kirsty, please give the salon a buzz  on 01609 770 519.

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