Five skincare tips from Kirsty

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At Saks Beauty Northallerton we’re passionate about skin health. Ageing healthily means you’re bringing out the best of you – and who doesn’t want a bit of that!

Kirsty was head of beauty for Saks UK for 12 years before opening our salon. These days she heads up the Saks Beauty Squad and so we know a thing or two about improving skin health, from advising on things to do every day to providing next-generation facials, peels and electro treatments that will make a difference.

Kirsty Jewson

You told us you’re concerned with fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Kirsty says…


I am a huge advocate of long-term results instead of quick-fix solutions and prevention is always better than cure. The sun is the number one contributory factor to accelerated ageing – breaking down precious collagen the second we are exposed. So PLEASE use a broad-spectrum SPF every day to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. I recommend at least a SPF 15 in winter and SPF 30 throughout the summer.

We choose Hydrate+ by CosMedix.


Ever noticed your skin the morning after a drinking session? Fine lines and wrinkles are far more noticeable because alcohol causes dehydration! Think of a grape turning into a sultana – yup, that’s our skin the day after the night before.

As a minimum we recommend you drink at least 1.5 litres of water every day. And drink water between alcoholic drinks, and at the end of a big night out.


As we age our collagen production slows down so it’s important that you are working with the right ingredients. My firm fave for collagen stimulation is Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic acid and Retinol. FACT: Retinol is the only FDA approved ingredient proved to stimulate collagen.  Check out our Facebook video on Vitamin A for more info.

We choose Serum 16 by CosMedix


Pigmentation is caused by UV rays that have caused an unregulated pattern within the skin’s melanin (our skin’s pigment) and *again* use of SPF is VITAL in preventing further damage.

Good news is, pigmentation can be successfully treated but special care is vital to maintain results. The best treatments I’ve used for treating pigmentation and age spots quickly is photo rejuvenation with IPL (intense pulses of light).

We choose Venus Versa Photo Rejuvenation and you’ll see significant improvements after only three treatments.


We’re inviting you in for a complementary skin health consultation with me personally. It only takes half an hour and we’ll go through your main skin concerns, chat through lifestyle factors, take a good look at your skin and provide personalised advice.

Limited appointments – call 01609 770 159.

Love Kirsty x

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