Dermalux Light Therapy at Saks

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At Saks we have a facial that can treat any skin concern that customers may face. That’s why our team at Saks Beauty in Halifax are expertly trained skin therapists. We have the advanced knowledge needed to deliver the ultimate skin that you deserve, every time.

Hailed as the ‘perfect complexion boost’, Dermalux instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion. It can be used to treat pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, ageing, acne, rosacea, eczema plus many other concerns in skin of all ages.


How does it work? Dermalux is a clinically trialled, medically backed LED light system, used to treat a multitude of skin concerns.

A clinically proven, combined red, blue and near-infrared light is absorbed into the skin and converted into energy, which helps skin produce vitamin D, serotonin (the happy hormone) and accelerates the skin’s natural healing response.

And that’s not all, it’s 80% more powerful than any other LED treatment available today, as it uses 1800 bulbs which individually produce only one colour of light. Whilst other LED systems use bulbs to produce more than one colour, thus diluting the treatment properties, so don’t give the most effective results. Skin science at it’s best right there, we say!


Don’t have hours and hours to spare? We hear you! This is the best part – each treatment only takes 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes, because it’s clinically proven to be the most effective treatment time.

Salon owner, Katie says “A Dermalux session of 10 minutes can be added onto any other facial to give increased results to other treatments too.”

“A course of treatments offers long lasting results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to promote healthy looking skin, accelerate cell renewal and resolve a range of skin concerns.”


Book your appointment at Saks Beauty, 2 Albion Street, Halifax. Or give us a buzz on 01422 385125.  We can’t wait to make you glow. It’s what we do best. X

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