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introducing the Saks Beauty Squad

Our super-six Beauty team

The Saks Beauty Squad is special - in the know about latest treatments for the face and body… and love adding glam too! They bring together amazing treatments and products for out-of-this-world results and are also responsible for setting training standards in Saks Beauty salons across the UK.

We asked our Beauty Squad to say something special about Saks Beauty

Kirsty Jewson

Kirsty owns Saks Beauty Northallerton, was formerly Head of Beauty at Saks UK for 12 years and says: “With Saks Beauty you're in the best hands with the best brands! I loved introducing 3D-lipo at Saks. It’s non-evasive body contouring with no downtime; combine this award-winning system with healthy lifestyle choices and you'll see amazing results.”

Kelly Watts

Saks Middleton owner Kelly says: "Introducing Decleor for the face, body and mind in 2017 is amazing! Sublime treatments, aromas that are off the scale and our customers submerse themselves in a sensorial experience for relaxation and rejuvenation. Double nurture your skin with Decleor at Saks!"

Michelle Shergill

Michelle's our Saks West Bridgford owner and suffered from skin problems (you wouldn't know it) and has a special love for our Advanced Facials menu saying: “I love the results we see from CosMedix facials, peels and home products. Have to also mention IPL hair removal - it's safe, effective and medically proven - reduces unwanted hairs in a flash.”

Hollie Simpson

Hollie is salon owner at Saks Beauty Teesside and head makeup artist: "I love tanning with Xen-Tan for great coverage, natural shades and lovely smell; Fake Tan Friday’s huge! My other special mention is for scientific skincare brand, Skeyndor Mesoscience which breaks through resistant barriers in the skin to deliver active ingredients to unlocked cells.”

Katie Gledhill

Passionate from day one, Katie earned her stripes as a therapist and loves owning the mecca that is Saks Beauty Halifax. Katie says: "We love adding the glam with brows, lashes, nails and makeup! Nouveau Lashes are a must - subtle or statement - lashes at Saks for all the girls. And a mani and glossy gels with Jessica Nails can make all the difference whatever your day may bring." 

Amelia Lowe

Superstar manager of Saks Beauty Bristol and total Saks beauty junkie. Loves helping customers achieve healthy skin and says: "I love Decleor and Skeyndor - who doesn't! Incredible brands at Saks. I could talk all day about nurturing skin." Gets involved in introducing new Saks beauty offerings - including Mii Cosmetics - a resounding YES from us!

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