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Fancy being hair free for summer and ditching the razor for good? We say "ZAP ZAP!" Choose IPL at Saks. The science bit: Intense pulses of light disable blood supply to hair follicles to prevent further growth. Six treatments usually required et voila... hair growth minimised. Results generally seen after ONLY ONE treatment!

Kirsty Jewson of Saks Beauty Squad says: "IPL can be used on almost all parts of the body and face. Our preferred choice over laser treatments as a broader range of hair and skin colours can be treated safely. PLUS we only use the very best systems so you know you're in the best hands with the best brands."

If IPL's not required we are of course experts with itsy bitsy too. And equally important here - our hygiene procedures for waxing are second to none.

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Decleor Aroma Epil Post Wax Double Action Gel
Super soothing and also helps to slow down regrowth! Can be used on legs, back and arms.

Hair grows back slower, finer and softer and this magic gel reduces ingrown hairs too. 

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State of the art IPL laser hair removal and waxing techniques galore (more)

Fake Tan Friday

Fake Tan Friday

Take advantage of Fake Tan Friday at Saks and you'll receive your gorgeous Xen-Tan for around £15! Download your voucher today. (more)

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salon finder

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